UCF Professors Write Guest Column Piece for the Orlando Sentinel


Drs. Ty Matejowsky and Beatriz Reyes-Foster, professors in the Department of Anthropology at UCF, recently wrote a guest column piece for the Orlando Sentinel called, “Anthropologists should do a better job of promoting their field.”  The featured article addresses the negative attention that cultural anthropology tends to receive in the news lately. They describe cultural anthropology as having a public-image problem because the brand is often defined by others who have done more to define the subfield in the popular consciousness. It is a superficial problem and the professors feel that there are many actions that can be taken to improve cultural anthropology’s public-image problem.  To view the full article in the Orlando Sentinel, click here.

Dr. Matejowsky is an associate professor who specializes in cultural anthropology. He has been with UCF since 2002 and teaches Sex, Gender and Culture, Peoples of the World, Magic, Ritual & Belief, and Economic Anthropology. Dr. Reyes-Foster is an assistant professor specializing in socio-cultural anthropology with an emphasis in medical anthropology. She joined the UCF faculty in 2011 and teaches Language and Culture and People and Cultures of Latin America.





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