UCF receives more than $125 million in grants

For the second time ever researchers at the University of Central Florida received more than $125 million in grants, which not only help the local economy but are leading to remarkable discoveries that capture the imagination and provide hope for the future. The total raised in grants was $128.9 million, including $73 million in federal funding. That’s a 21 percent increase more than the previous year.

The College of Sciences received $14.4 million of the $128.9 million.

Some notable federal funding included: five awards from the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) and two National Science Foundation Early Faculty CAREER awards. The university received $44.5 million in funding from industry and another $11.3 million from the state. Thirty-five researchers were inducted into the university’s millionaires club, meaning they received at least $1 million in funding throughout the year. 

“We are pleased with the effort put forth by our faculty who continue to compete for funding with the best in the country, despite increasing demands forced by state budget cuts,” said M.J. Soileau, vice president for research and commercialization.

The state has cut $144 million from UCF’s budget during the past five years, including $52 million this year, resulting in increased course loads and class sizes for many professors.

“For faculty to continue to write proposals and win awards is a testament to their dedication and commitment to their work,” Soileau said.  “Much of the research is done after hours, on weekends and in between teaching assignments.”

Despite the challenges, faculty members and their students have produced results.

“UCF continues to find new ways to leverage funding from our partners into opportunities to better our community,” Tom O’Neal, the associate vice president for research & commercialization, said.


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