UCF RT-V Student Interns for NBC’s Today Show

There were over 10,000 applicants who applied for the east coast NBC internships, yet only 300
applicants were chosen. Of that, only 10 selected for the TODAY show and NSC’s Kaitlyn Chana was one of the chosen few.

This story is reposted from NBC Universal Intern Insider.

Kaitlyn Chana_editedKaitlyn Chana-philanthropist, multimedia journalist, and student at the University of Central Florida- is enjoying every minute interning at NBC’s Today Show. She said, “I have always loved news and ever since I was six years old dreamed of becoming a reporter.” While at NBC, Kaitlyn hopes to gain an understanding of how national news is generated, including content production, scheduling segments and booking guests. Kaitlyn aspires to first work as a small market reporter to gain an understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary to fully comprehend all components of the newsroom. She hopes to expand her knowledge to understand why certain things happen, such as the motivation for behind-camera cues and prompts. Kaitlyn then hopes to move into the larger market as a fill-in anchor, ultimately striving to become a Today Show host.

She likens the Today Show talent and crew to a ‘family,’ always willing to lend a hand. She remarked, “I have great connections and relations with the other Today Show interns, both in and out of the office.” When asked what makes the Today Show unique, Kaitlyn described the morning show viewers as “inviting the Today Show into their houses each morning, making them part of their own families.”  As a Today Show intern in New York City, Kaitlyn said, “Here I am living my dream.” She concluded by describing good journalists as  “committed and curious to answering questions for others.”

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