UCF students help with WMFE transition

UCF committed $1 million to the acquisition, and BCC has volunteered their staff and facilities for the project. However, the annual operating costs are expected to be around $3 million.

“BCC has operated a station since 1988, so we have a lot of experience doing that side of things,” said Kate Junco, director of marketing and media relations at BCC and WBCC TV manager. “So that’s the biggest value we bring to the partnership. UCF is doing the marketing and communication, [the] website, and taking the lead on fundraising and development. We all are really involved in all aspects of the partnership.”

However, staff at both education institutions haven’t been the only individuals involved with the process. Heston and Junco both said that students have and will continue to play a tremendous role in the marketing, broadcasting and programming involved with the station. Students are already interning in the broadcast studios, designing marketing campaigns and filming shorts to be aired.

“Oh gosh, students are already involved,” Heston said. “Students created a UCF/PBS campaign. On the academic side, [students participate in] internships, work studies, student productions that can be aired. The sky is the limit.”

Both UCF and BCC said that their involvement stems to both their school’s core mission to serve their communities, and this partnership is an effective way to do just that.

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