UCF team wins SAS Data Mining Shootout

The UCF Team won the 2011 SAS Data Mining Shootout. SAS and the Central Michigan University Research Corporation teamed up to offer the data mining academic community an opportunity to put their data mining skills to the test.

The Fifth Annual Data Mining Shootout gave student teams the opportunity to solve a real-world data mining problem. Student teams from any accredited college or university in the United States were eligible to apply.  Teams were given a hypothetical, but common business problem to solve. Data was provided and the solution required the selection and use of appropriate data mining methods using SAS software.  UCF beat out sixty teams from universities such as NC State, Penn State, Louisville, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Southern Methodist and many others for first place.

The top three teams were recognized at Analytics 2011, SAS’ Annual Analytics Conference on October 24-25 in Orlando.

From left to right in the picture: Jerry Oglesby, SAS; Tracy Irwin Hewitt, CMU; He Chun, UCF; Baiyun Chen, UCF; Puwei Chen, UCF; Morgan Wang, UCF; Jun Han, UCF; Lei Zhang, UCF; Junnan Miao, UCF; Jim Mentele, CMU.  Not pictured: Zhixing Cheng

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