Understanding Food Security & Scarcity


The Global Perspectives Office and the Department of Political Science at the University of Central Florida have partnered with the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies to sponsor presentations, research and student fellowships in an effort to advance awareness about the United States-Saudi Arabia relationship. This knowledge includes topics of bilateral relations, security, culture and the economy.

Qualified students are encouraged to conduct independent research for publication. One such student, Alexandra Felt, examined the issue of food scarcity in areas across the Middle East and the relevance to an international community.

Her paper titled “Understanding Food Security & Scarcity” critically examines food scarcity in the Middle East. In it, she provides an analysis of the causes of food scarcity, including regional conflict and climate change due to a growing population. She recognizes the international political nature of the topic, as food scarcity is directly linked to world hunger discussions and policies across the world. After extensive review of the causes of food security in the Middle East, she is able to predict the ramifications of this issue on a global scale. Felt concludes her research with a proposal to reduce the universal consumption of processed foods as well as locally replacing red meat with a more plant-heavy diet in the Middle East.

UCF is proud to publish Felt’s research. Read it here.

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