Meet the Team: Allyson Whitaker

Name: Allyson WhitakerHeadshot AW

DOB: June 4, 1992

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Minor: Astronomy, General Business

Class Standing: Junior






This is Allyson and she is studying to become an Aerospace Engineer. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida and for her entire life she thought she was destined to become a writer. After having a wonderful physics teacher in high school, she suddenly had a change of heart and became intrigued with engineering and the sciences. Her main interest is in fluid and gas dynamics, but after working in the lab she has come to love planetary science and space exploration.

Allyson’s role in CATE is engineering. Her role is to assist the physicists with material selection and integration and she is also in charge of the main storage unit for CATE.

To Allyson, the greatest thing about CATE is being able to help design, manufacture, build and test a project from beginning to end. “It is great opportunity to have in the first place, but to then top it off with being able to test it in zero-G’s is the icing on the cake. It’s rewarding and exciting to see something that was just an idea become real and tangible, and I can’t wait for the entire CATE team and myself to experience that satisfaction,” she said.

After graduation, she would like obtain a job with a company designing aircrafts, rockets, automobiles or anything that goes fast, really. By being a part of the CATE team, CATE allows her the opportunity to experience the design and build process of any project and the curveballs that may be thrown in the mix.

“We’re still exploring the best methods to achieve our goals and one of the most invaluable lessons we’ll learn is how to efficiently problem solve which will be a key trait in the future,” she said.

Something interesting about Allyson is that she has always secretly wanted to become a movie make-up artist to create those awesome characters and creatures. She also would want to be Bugs Bunny if she could be a cartoon character, because “despite all the messes he finds himself in, he always seems to be able to find a way out in the most sly and comical way.”

Finally, Allyson would definitely be an owl if she were an animal because with those wide eyes and the ability to get a great vantage point, owls can always see the bigger picture.

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