Meeting Recap: January

Over the first few weeks of school our team has been working diligently to complete working prototypes. Although we have not finalized any decisions, we have been talking about combining them to create an experiment that is both electrical and mechanical.

Sam has researched cameras and tested issues with barrel distortion and fish eye angles. Our final two choices have come down to the Garmin VIRB and the GoPro Hero 3 black edition.

edit 2

Chris has researched marbles to launch in the experiments. We reached a decision on glass marbles 20 and 25 millimeters (25 mm = 1 in) and Addie, our co-PI, placed the order yesterday.

Allyson researched different types of tubes which would hold each experiment during the flight. A decision was made to use acrylic tubes with an attached piece on each end enabling the use of a standard CF flange. An order has been places for those as well. Along with researching the tubes, Allyson is helping the CAD the box that will be held to the plane and will hold all the tubes.*

Finally, Kelly and Brad are working diligently on their working prototypes. The final prototype should be done and in testing in the next two weeks.**


*Follow us on Instagram (CATEWinslet_ucf) to see how the structure of the box has changed since our proposal.

**Follow us on twitter (@CATE_ucf) to see how the decisions that are made throughout the month of February.

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