Meet the Team: Kelly Lai

Name: Kelly Lai

Headshot KL

DOB: March 3, 1991

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Minor: Astronomy

Class Standing: Senior

This is Kelly and she is studying to be an Aerospace Engineer. She was born in California and raised in Florida, so she was always exposed to the idea of space travel, exploration and research. She has grown into a huge advocate for deep space exploration, or space exploration in general. “There’s just so much to still learn about space, and I would love to contribute to our expanding knowledge,” Kelly explains.

Kelly’s role is Student Lead. She is helping with the design of the tube payload as well as the storage rack structure. She is looking forward to getting to draft, build, and test a project that she helped create on a real zero-g flight! It’s always great to work an experiment from the very beginning of the design pages to the end project, she proclaims.

After she graduates she wants to obtain a job with an aerospace company that is in the field of space development and exploration. CATE is helping her achieve this goal by allowing her the chance to experience to understand what goes into designing and building an experimental payload.

Something interesting about Kelly is that she doesn’t know how to swim and she has always dreamed of being an astronaut.

If Kelly could be any disney princess she would be Rapunzel, “because it would be awesome to have a pet chameleon,” she said.

Finally, her celebrity parents would be Tony Hawk, because I see his pictures on Instagram and he’s pretty awesome, and Beyonce who doesn’t love Beyonce?

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