Nerd Club Presentation

Brad and Kelly presented to the Nerd Club at UCF. The presentation was opened by Brad with a general overview of experiments that are taking place in the lab with CATE. The Nerd Club members were able to watch a video of our Principal Investigator (P.I.), Josh Colwell, on a previous parabolic flight in order to give them a real image of what we will be experiencing next summer or fall. DSC_0001

Kelly closed the meeting with a detailed description of what we will be researching and how with CATE. The presentation was done before we chose CATE as our name and Kelly explained it to them using the name MEASE (Microgravity Experiment on Accretion in Space Environments).

The Nerd Club members were able to pass around parts of some of the experiments that are being worked on in the lab, such as PRIME. Brad and Kelly allowed a short Q&A session at the end and the students were really engaged.

“The Nerd Club Presentation helped prepare us for our senior design presentation and other presentations we have to do throughout our senior year,” Kelly said.

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