Dimensions of Ability Tool

We have developed a tool to support instructors and researchers in planning for variation in individuals’ needs and abilities.

This figure is a radar chart composed of 6 axes each corresponding to a dimension of ability, namely physical/mobility (strength, mobility, dexterity, endurance), health (regulate body systems), cognitive (plan, remember, interpret, understand), visual (acuity, color), hearing (loudness, pitch), and emotional/mental health (feelings, emotions, attitude, behavior). Overlayed on these 6 dimensions are three concentric circles; the outer refers to high load, the middle refers to medium load, and the inner refers to low load.

You can read about the tool in several places:



Interested in trying out the tool? We have developed a step-by-step worksheet and examples. Download them below:

Interested in learning more? Jackie and Erin will be leading a workshop at the American Association of Physics Teachers 2021 Summer Meeting, which will be held online. The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, July 10 from 12 – 4 PM (EDT). More info available here.