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Schedule of talks: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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We are extremely excited to host the 13th International Conference on Molecule-based Magnets
(ICMM-2012) in the United States, where it has been 12 years since the last gathering in San
Antonio, Texas (ICMM-VII), Chaired by Kim Dunbar and Greg Girolami. In particular, it is a pleasure
to welcome you to Orlando during one of the most pleasant times of the year in Florida.* We
hope that you will have some time to enjoy the outdoors during your stay, if only to soak up some
sun before many of you return to cooler places for the long winter. We are particularly excited to
see such a great turnout from all corners of the globe – especially during these tough economic
times that have undoubtedly affected science funding in most countries. We think the strong
turnout is once again a true testament to the quality of ICMM; we are anticipating around 300
participants, which is up slightly from the last North American meeting six years ago in Victoria
ICMM has become the premiere international forum for scientists and junior researchers to
present and discuss the most exciting new developments in molecule-based magnetism. This
research field continues to grow, whilst also responding rapidly to exciting new opportunities. This
healthy outlook can surely be attributed to the multidisciplinary nature of the collaborations and
networks that have been fostered between physicists, chemists, materials scientists and others
who have come together to discuss their work at international meetings such as the ICMM. We
hope that you will agree that we have been able to put together a rich program of plenary, invited
and contributed presentations given by a mix of established experts and younger rising stars both
from within our community and from closely related research fields. In particular, we have made
great efforts to involve student researchers in the main program of talks. Contributions span all
areas of molecular magnetism, including: organic/inorganic/hybrid magnetic molecular materials;
multifunctional and/or switchable molecule-based magnetic materials and devices; singlemolecule
and single-chain magnets; nanostructured molecular magnets and molecular
spintronics; and magnetism in biology. On the evidence of the many breathtaking contributions in
this program, it is clear that progress over the past two years has been stronger than ever.
Finally, if you are able to remain in the area for a day or two extra, we urge you to explore the
numerous possibilities that the City of Orlando provides to its visitors, from spectacular weather
and the nearby coast with Caribbean beaches, to top-notch amusement parks and amenities,
including Disney, Universal Studios and, of course, the Kennedy Space Center which many of you
will visit on the Wednesday of the conference.

Stephen Hill and Enrique del Barco
Conference Chairmen