Welcome to Bo Chen’s lab at UCF

Principal Investigator

Bo Chen
PhD, Northwestern University, 2007
Assistant Professor,University of Central Florida, 2011
Associate Professor, University of Central Florida, 2017
Bo’s CV

Awards and Honors

2012 UCF Inhouse award
2013 Young Investigator Program by AFOSR
2016 UCF COS Dean’s Rising Star Award
2020 UCF Mid-Career Refreshment Award

Research Interests

The major focus of this lab is to apply and develop NMR and related structural characterization techniques such as transmission electron microscopy to investigate the structure and dynamics of biomacromular assemblies, and to develop novel coarse-grain models to understand the self-assembly mechanism. Specifically the research activities involve the following directions:

  1. Structure characterization of polymorphic assembly of biomolecules, such as the capsid proteins of viruses, or prions by TEM and NMR.
  2. The structures and dynamics of membrane Peptides.
  3. Innovation coarse-grain model for the self-assembly of large biomolecular system, such as the HIV capsid assembly.

Contact Information

Department of Physics
4000 Central Florida Blvd
PS 121 Room 451
Orlando, Florida 32816

Tel: 407-823-4494
Fax: 407-823-5112

Email: Bo.Chen@ucf.edu