The mission of the UCF Department of Physics is to provide the highest quality education, research, outreach, and service in physics to the people of the state of Florida, the nation, and the world.

To accomplish this mission, the Department offers a broad range of courses in physics, as well as in physics-related areas such as astronomy and planetary science, from general education physical sciences to advanced graduate-level topics. Undergraduate student development is enriched by a strong research component, with students encouraged to engage in research projects with faculty members early on. Faculty in the Department carry out cutting-edge research in a variety of areas and have substantial scholarly productivity and external funding. The Department is committed to diversity and inclusion through a number of programs and hosts several active student organizations including the Society of Physics Students and the Women in Physics Society. The UCF Department of Physics engages with the Central Florida community to increase scientific literacy and to attract K-12 students to careers in science. Faculty members are strongly involved in service to professional societies, funding agencies, the local community, and other public and non-governmental entities.

UCF Physics Bridge Program

UCF’s Physics Department became an APS Bridge Program site in 2015 with the goal to expand access to Physics PhD programs. UCF is the second-largest university in the USA and is located in the 2.3 million-strong metropolitan area of Orlando, Florida.

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