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First Confirmed Object From Other Star System

by Zenaida Kotala A cigar-shaped asteroid making its way through our solar system to an unknown destination is capturing the imagination of scientists around the globe. This is this first confirmed object from another star system, which is what got University of Central Florida Associate Professor Yan Fernandez fired up and calling up friends to […]

Researcher Works to Explain Mars Clay

by Zenaida Kotala A study published today in Nature provides a new explanation for how clay formed on Mars, which could help scientists and engineers figure out how to unlock the early climate history of the planet. “The basic recipe for making clay is you take rock and you add heat and water,” said Kevin […]

Professor’s Work Highlighted by the Department of Energy

Madhab Neupane, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Physics, uses light to eject electrons out of materials revealing the states of electrons occupy inside the material. He does so by using a technique known as angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). He employs very intense (but finely controlled) light beams to illuminate a sample, extract […]

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