Want to know more about our graduate program?  It’s simple, click the links on the menu to learn about graduate admissions, degrees, funding and much more.  We hope that this information will answer all your questions about the physics graduate program, but if not, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Esperanza Soto, at soto@ucf.edu or by telephone at (407) 823-5146.

Graduate Handbook

This handbook is for students admitted to UCF’s Ph.D and M.S. Physics programs (Planetary Sciences Track students, click here). It is intended to provide a description of the program objectives and requirements, structure, content assessment and management as well as describe the rules and regulations of the program. The information contained in the handbook is subject to change. The Department of Physics and UCF, while retaining proper regard for the interests of students who have begun their programs, reserves the right to alter the programs or the timetable if the need arises.

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The Department of Physics at UCF offers both Master’s and Doctoral programs. Research opportunities are available in condensed matter physics, mathematical physics, nanostructure devices, physics education research, surface science, complex systems, biophysics, atomic, molecular, and optical physics, astronomy and planetary sciences.  Students that are admitted to the program have seven (7) years to complete their degree.


For more information on curriculum and core courses, click on the links below:

Physics (M.S.) Planetary Sciences Track (M.S.) Masters to Ph.D. Program Physics (Ph.D.) Planetary Sciences Track (Ph.D.)

Related Graduate Degrees

A Master of Education in Science Education (M.Ed.) and a Master of Arts in Science Education (M.A.) are available through the College of Community Innovation and Education; both of these degrees offer a Physics track. Please contact the College of Education and Human Performance directly for more information.

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