Thesis & Dissertation Announcements

Spring 2017

Danielle Reyes
Plasma Dynamics of Laser Filaments


Roxana Rezvani Naraghi
Mesoscopic Interactions in
Complex Photonic Media

Zeinab Sanjabieznaveh
High Power Fiber Lasers and Fiber Devices




Fall 2016

mistry-hemmaHemma Mistry
Model Nanocatalysts with Tunable Reactivity: Tailoring the Structure and Surface Chemistry of Nanomaterials for Energy and Alternative Fuels Catalysis 


                                Ahmed El Halawany

                                Optical Parity Time Metasurface Structures

Summer 2016

jeon-jJaekyun Jeon
Self-assembly of Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV) capsid protein by solid-state NMR and TEM



Pond, Jarrad1Jarrad Pond
Investigating the Predictive Power of Student Characteristics on Success in Studio-mode, Algebra-based Introductory Physics Courses


ahmadi-mahdiMahdi Ahmadi
Size, Shape, Composition and Chemical State Effects in Nanocatalysis



khamesian-marjanMarjan Khamesian
Theoretical Study of Negative Molecular Ions Relevant to the Interstellar and Laboratory Plasma




Spring 2016

whizin-akbarAkbar Whizin
Dynamical Formation of Protoplanetesimals

Atkinson, JamesJames Atkinson
Internal Degrees of Freedom and Spin Transitions in Single Molecule Magnets


rodriguez-alvarAlvar Rodriguez Garrigues
Electrostatic Control over Temperature-dependent Tunneling across Single-molecule Junctions

huang-a2Aiqun Huang
Conformations and Dynamics of Semi-Flexible Polymers




Fall 2015

blecic-jasminaJasmina Blecic                                                                Observations, Thermochemical Calculations, and Modeling of Exoplanetary Atmospheres

cubillos-patricioPatricio Cubillos
Characterizing Exoplanet Atmospheres: From Light-curve Observations to Radiative-transfer Modeling



smith-eEvan Smith
Vanadium Oxide Microbolometers with Patterned Gold Black or Plasmonic Resonant Absorbers



chengYan Cheng
Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules



Matos, Jeronimo1Jeronimo Matos
A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Solid Nanoscale Interfaces


krenn-angela-2Angel Krenn
The Safe Removal of Frozen Air from the Annulus of a Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank



adhikari-rameshRamesh Adhikari
Translocation of a Semiflexible Polymer through a Nanopore




Anupama YadavAnupama Yadav
Impact of Gamma-Irradiation on the Characteristics of III-N/GaN Based High Electron Mobility Transistors



sadatshafaie-ghazalGhazal Erfani
Theoretical and Computational Studies of the Electronic, Structural, Vibrational, and Thermodynamic Properties of Transition Metal Nanoparticles


huang-junJun Huang
Convective Heat Transfer Driven by the Buoyancy Force and the Magnetic Body Force on Quasi-One-Dimensional Magnetic Fluid in Horizontal Field and Temperature Gradients



hall-biancaBianca Hall
A Microscopic Theory of the Knight Shift




becker-tracyTracy Becker
Saturn’s Rings: Measuring Particle Size Distributions Using Cassini UVIS Occultation Data



Summer 2015

rezadad-imenImen Rezadad
Electromechanical lifting actuation of a MEMS cantilever and Nano-scale Imaging of Diffusion in Semiconductor Device Dielectrics

Khalilzadeh, FarnoodFarnood Khalilzadeh Rezaie
Mid-infrared Plasmonics

lin-yuqingLin Yuqing
Resistive pulse study of liposomes