Thesis & Dissertation Announcements

Spring 2017

Zeinab Sanjabieznaveh
High Power Fiber Lasers and Fiber Devices


Fall 2016

mistry-hemmaHemma Mistry
Model Nanocatalysts with Tunable Reactivity: Tailoring the Structure and Surface Chemistry of Nanomaterials for Energy and Alternative Fuels Catalysis 


                                Ahmed El Halawany

                                Optical Parity Time Metasurface Structures

Summer 2016

jeon-jJaekyun Jeon
Self-assembly of Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV) capsid protein by solid-state NMR and TEM



Pond, Jarrad1Jarrad Pond
Investigating the Predictive Power of Student Characteristics on Success in Studio-mode, Algebra-based Introductory Physics Courses


ahmadi-mahdiMahdi Ahmadi
Size, Shape, Composition and Chemical State Effects in Nanocatalysis



khamesian-marjanMarjan Khamesian
Theoretical Study of Negative Molecular Ions Relevant to the Interstellar and Laboratory Plasma




Spring 2016

whizin-akbarAkbar Whizin
Dynamical Formation of Protoplanetesimals

Atkinson, JamesJames Atkinson
Internal Degrees of Freedom and Spin Transitions in Single Molecule Magnets


rodriguez-alvarAlvar Rodriguez Garrigues
Electrostatic Control over Temperature-dependent Tunneling across Single-molecule Junctions

huang-a2Aiqun Huang
Conformations and Dynamics of Semi-Flexible Polymers




Fall 2015

blecic-jasminaJasmina Blecic                                                                Observations, Thermochemical Calculations, and Modeling of Exoplanetary Atmospheres

cubillos-patricioPatricio Cubillos
Characterizing Exoplanet Atmospheres: From Light-curve Observations to Radiative-transfer Modeling



smith-eEvan Smith
Vanadium Oxide Microbolometers with Patterned Gold Black or Plasmonic Resonant Absorbers



chengYan Cheng
Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules



Matos, Jeronimo1Jeronimo Matos
A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Solid Nanoscale Interfaces


krenn-angela-2Angel Krenn
The Safe Removal of Frozen Air from the Annulus of a Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank



adhikari-rameshRamesh Adhikari
Translocation of a Semiflexible Polymer through a Nanopore




Anupama YadavAnupama Yadav
Impact of Gamma-Irradiation on the Characteristics of III-N/GaN Based High Electron Mobility Transistors



sadatshafaie-ghazalGhazal Erfani
Theoretical and Computational Studies of the Electronic, Structural, Vibrational, and Thermodynamic Properties of Transition Metal Nanoparticles


huang-junJun Huang
Convective Heat Transfer Driven by the Buoyancy Force and the Magnetic Body Force on Quasi-One-Dimensional Magnetic Fluid in Horizontal Field and Temperature Gradients



hall-biancaBianca Hall
A Microscopic Theory of the Knight Shift




becker-tracyTracy Becker
Saturn’s Rings: Measuring Particle Size Distributions Using Cassini UVIS Occultation Data



Summer 2015

rezadad-imenImen Rezadad
Electromechanical lifting actuation of a MEMS cantilever and Nano-scale Imaging of Diffusion in Semiconductor Device Dielectrics

Khalilzadeh, FarnoodFarnood Khalilzadeh Rezaie
Mid-infrared Plasmonics

lin-yuqingLin Yuqing
Resistive pulse study of liposomes