Thesis & Dissertation Announcements

Fall 2020

Wesley ChambersWesley Chambers
Experimental and Computational Investigation of Plume Surface Interactions in Vacuum Microgravity

Westley JamesWestly James
Investigating the Inclusiveness of STEM Courses and Reducing Barriers by Applying the Universal Design for Learning Framework

Summer 2020

Leos PohlLeos Pohl
The Physical Properties of Asteroids

Justin ReyesJustin Reyes
Tensor Network States: Optimizations and Applications in Quantum Many Body Physics and Machine Learning

Spring 2020

Chi Hong YuenChi Hong Yuen
Theoretical Studies of Collisions Involving Three Bodies and Electron-Molecule Collisions Relevant to Astrophysical and Atmospheric Conditions

Ryan ChallenerRyan Challener
Exoplanets: Correlated Noise and Cautionary Tales

Shima Gholam MirzaeimoghadarShima Gholam Mirzaeimoghadar
Symmetry and High Harmonic Spectroscopy in Solids

Stephanie JarmakStephanie Jamak
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Granular Dynamics in Microgravity

Brandon BlueBrandon Blue
Atomic scale processes and electronic band structure engineering in thin layered materials

Andrew MalfavonAndrew Malfavon
Space weathering simulation trends on carbonaceous chondrites

Mofazzel HosenMd Mofazzel Hosen
Discovery of new topological quantum materials by photoemission

Fall 2019

Tao Jiang
Catalytic Properties of Defect-Laden 2D Material from First-Principles

Vaidya-PriyankaPriyanka Vaidya
Sub-Terahertz Spin Pumping from an Insulating Antiferromagnet

Summer 2019

Daniel Reinhart
The Relativistic Harmonic Oscillator and the Generalization of Lewis’ Invariant

Seth Calhoun
Room Temperature VOx Air-Bridge Bolometer Integrated with Metal-Insulator-Metal Resonant Absorbers

Nabin Kandel
Molecular basis of membrane pore formation by amyloid beta peptide

Spring 2019

Walter Malone
A theoretical investigation of small organic molecules on transition metal surfaces

Tucker-WilliamWilliam C. Tucker
Chemistry and dissipation at mineral surfaces in the space environment

Rebecca Cebulka
Light-Matter Interaction in Single Molecule Magnets

Negar Otrooshi
Nanoscale functional imaging by tailoring light-matter interaction to explore organic and biological systems

Tommy Boykin II
Self-Assembly of Reflectin Protein Probed by Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Alireza Safaei
Nanoplasmonics in two-dimensional Dirac and three-dimensional metallic nanostructure systems



Fall 2018

Keanna Jardine
Asteroid Surfaces: The Importance of Cohesive Forces

Daniel Bonior
Mathematical Foundations of Adaptive Quantum Processing

Zahra Hooshmand
Tuning chemical and optical properties of nanomaterials: From extended surfaces to finite nanoclusters

Summer 2018

Rachel N. Evans
Far-Infrared Bands in Plasmonic Metal-Insulator-Metal Absorbers Optimized for Long-Wave Infrared

Matthew Wilcox
Undergraduate Student Agreement with Reformed Introductory Physics Classes

Jonathan Lee
Impact of Radiation and Electron Injection on Carrier Transport Properties in Narrow and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Spring 2018

Michael Lodge
Experimental evidence of ballistic nanofriction and scattering in Dirac materials with pseudospin degree of freedom

Richard Jerousek
Determining the Small-scale Structure and Particle Properties of Saturn’s Rings from Stellar and Radio Occultations

Daniel Franklin
Dynamically Tunable Plasmonic Structural Color

Charles Schambeau
Analysis of Nucleus Properties of the Enigmatic Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1

Shree Ram AcharyaShree Ram Acharya
From Excited Charge Dynamics to Cluster Diffusion: Development and Application of Techniques beyond DFT and KMC

Fall 2017

Jenna Jones
Investigating Compositional Variations of S-Complex Near-Earth Asteroids: (1627) Ivar

Mahtab Khan
Electronic, optical and magnetic properties of Graphene and single-layer Transition metal dichalcogenides in the presence of defects


Abrar Quadery
Computational Modeling of Physical and Chemical Processes During Space Weathering and Planet Formation

Hussain Abouelkhair
Growth and Doping of MoS2 Thin Films for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications

Summer 2017

Sabine Pelton

Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Matrix Product States

Sudeep Pandey

Quantification of non-stoichiometry and impurities in transparent YAG ceramics by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

Marta Anguera Antonana

Spin and Charge Transport in Graphene Based Devices

Xin Qiao
Spherical Self-Assembly of Rous Sarcoma Virus CA, Probed by Solid-State NMR and the Structure of Prostate Acidic Phosphatase and Reflectin Protein

Spring 2017
Zeinab Sanjabieznaveh

High Power Fiber Lasers and Fiber Devices

Javaneh Boroumand
Light Trapping in Thin Film Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Roxana Rezvani Naraghi
Mesoscopic Interactions in
Complex Photonic Media

Danielle Reyes
Plasma Dynamics of Laser Filaments

Amin Ahmadi
Charge and Spin Transport in Low-Dimensional Materials

Takat Rawal
Predictive Modeling of Functional Materials for Catalytic and Sensor Applications

Nagendra DhakalNagendra Dhakal
Computational Approach to Electrocatalysis

Pedro FigueiredoPedro Figueiredo
The Consequences of a Reduced Superlattice Thickness on Quantum Cascade Laser Performance



Zoe Landsman Headshot
Zoe Landsman
The Physical Properties and Composition of Main-Belt Asteroids from Infrared  Spectroscopy


Fall 2016

mistry-hemmaHemma Mistry
Model Nanocatalysts with Tunable Reactivity: Tailoring the Structure and Surface Chemistry of Nanomaterials for Energy and Alternative Fuels Catalysis 


                                Ahmed El Halawany

                                Optical Parity Time Metasurface Structures

Summer 2016

jeon-jJaekyun Jeon
Self-assembly of Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV) capsid protein by solid-state NMR and TEM



Pond, Jarrad1Jarrad Pond
Investigating the Predictive Power of Student Characteristics on Success in Studio-mode, Algebra-based Introductory Physics Courses


ahmadi-mahdiMahdi Ahmadi
Size, Shape, Composition and Chemical State Effects in Nanocatalysis



khamesian-marjanMarjan Khamesian
Theoretical Study of Negative Molecular Ions Relevant to the Interstellar and Laboratory Plasma




Spring 2016

whizin-akbarAkbar Whizin
Dynamical Formation of Protoplanetesimals

Atkinson, JamesJames Atkinson
Internal Degrees of Freedom and Spin Transitions in Single Molecule Magnets


rodriguez-alvarAlvar Rodriguez Garrigues
Electrostatic Control over Temperature-dependent Tunneling across Single-molecule Junctions

huang-a2Aiqun Huang
Conformations and Dynamics of Semi-Flexible Polymers




Fall 2015

blecic-jasminaJasmina Blecic                                                                Observations, Thermochemical Calculations, and Modeling of Exoplanetary Atmospheres

cubillos-patricioPatricio Cubillos
Characterizing Exoplanet Atmospheres: From Light-curve Observations to Radiative-transfer Modeling



smith-eEvan Smith
Vanadium Oxide Microbolometers with Patterned Gold Black or Plasmonic Resonant Absorbers



chengYan Cheng
Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules



Matos, Jeronimo1Jeronimo Matos
A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Solid Nanoscale Interfaces


krenn-angela-2Angel Krenn
The Safe Removal of Frozen Air from the Annulus of a Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank



adhikari-rameshRamesh Adhikari
Translocation of a Semiflexible Polymer through a Nanopore




Anupama YadavAnupama Yadav
Impact of Gamma-Irradiation on the Characteristics of III-N/GaN Based High Electron Mobility Transistors



sadatshafaie-ghazalGhazal Erfani
Theoretical and Computational Studies of the Electronic, Structural, Vibrational, and Thermodynamic Properties of Transition Metal Nanoparticles


huang-junJun Huang
Convective Heat Transfer Driven by the Buoyancy Force and the Magnetic Body Force on Quasi-One-Dimensional Magnetic Fluid in Horizontal Field and Temperature Gradients



hall-biancaBianca Hall
A Microscopic Theory of the Knight Shift




becker-tracyTracy Becker
Saturn’s Rings: Measuring Particle Size Distributions Using Cassini UVIS Occultation Data



Summer 2015

rezadad-imenImen Rezadad
Electromechanical lifting actuation of a MEMS cantilever and Nano-scale Imaging of Diffusion in Semiconductor Device Dielectrics

Khalilzadeh, FarnoodFarnood Khalilzadeh Rezaie
Mid-infrared Plasmonics

lin-yuqingLin Yuqing
Resistive pulse study of liposomes