Graduate Awards

Graduate students doing physics research in our department are shining and being recognized for their remarkable scientific, educational and service achievements. Here we are showcasing several of the awards and recognition achieved by our graduates during the last year. This list is not comprehensive. Please, let us know if you (our your student) has obtained an award or recognition. We would love to showcase here all of these achievements.

Awards obtained by graduate physics students

Daniel Franklin / 2018 – Daniel was one of 22 UCF students named as recipients of the 2018 Order of Pegasus, the university’s most prestigious student award.  Graduate students are selected based on their outstanding achievements in the areas of academics, university involvement, leadership and community service as well as publication or research experiences.  The winners will be honored at an April 2 ceremony.

K A M Hasan Siddiquee / 2017 – K A M Hasan was selected as one of the recipients of a Doctoral Research Support Award from the College of Graduate Studies. This award is meant to assist him with dissertation research expenses as he works towards completing his doctoral degree at the University of Central Florida.

Zahra Hooshmand Gharebagh / 2017 – Zahra was selected as one of the College of Sciences General Scholarship awardees.  This award recognizes her commitment and dedication to pursuing her educational goals.  She will be recognized at the 2017-2018 UCF College of Sciences Scholarship Luncheon to be held on October 12, 2017.

Daniel Franklin / 2016 – The Germany-based company Merck selected UCF’s plasmatic full-color display project led by professor Debashis Chanda, Ph. D., and physics graduate student Daniel Franklin for its “2016 Displaying Futures Award.”

Jenna Crowell / 2016 – Jenna was the winner of the best student poster award at the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS). Supported by NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), Crowell attended the annual meeting in Beijing, China from July 31- August 5. Her presented poster won the top prize for the Planetary Science category in the student poster presentations. Advised by Yan Fernandez.

Takat Rawal / 2016 – Takat was recently selected as one of eight finalists for a top-level 2016 AVS National Student Awards. The AVS awards were established to recognize and encourage excellence among graduate students in the sciences and technologies of interest to AVS.

Zeinab Sanjabieznaveh / 2016 – First Place Doctoral award for Mathematics, Optics and Physical Sciences. Few Mode Multicore Photonic Lantern Mode Multiplexer. Mentor: Rodrigo Amezcua Correa

Marta Anguera / 2016 – Marta won the UCF Women in Science and Mathematics Scholarship ($500). Advised by Enrique del Barco

Marta Anguera / 2015 – Marta won the UCF Physics department Excellence in Teaching Assistance. Advised by Enrique del Barco

James Atkinson / 2015 – Jim won i) the UCF College of Science Excellence Award for Graduate Teaching Assistance, ii) the 6 5th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Award, and, iii) a GMAG Student Travel Award. Advised by Enrique del Barco.

Rebecca Cebulka / 2015 – Becca won the UCF Physics department Excellence in Teaching Assistance. Advised by Enrique del Barco.

Alvar Rodriguez / 2014 – Alvar won i) the UCF College of Science Excellence Award for Graduate Teaching Assistance, and, ii) the UCF University Award for Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant”, with a cash prize of $2,000. The highest recognition awarded to a GTA at UCF. Advised by Enrique del Barco.

Simranjeet Singh / 2013 – Simran won the 2013 MMM/Intermag Best Poster Award. Advised by Enrique del Barco.

Alvar Rodriguez and James Atkinson / 2012 – Alvar and Jim won the 2012 Outstanding Physics Teaching Assistant Award by AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) . Advised by Enrique del Barco.


Fall 2017 Physics Teaching (GTA) Awards

1st place – Rachel Evans
1st place – Andre Childs
Runner-up – William Richardson
Runner-up – Jesse Thompson
Runner-up – Rainier Berkley
Runner-up – Anthony Asilador

1st place – Kathleen McIntyre
1st place – Daniel Reinhart
Runner-up – Tyrone Thames
Runner-up – Brandon Blue