All overrides must be done in person at the Physics department main office, Physical Sciences building room 430.

Overrides are issued:

  • Monday-Thursday from 8-12pm and 2-4pm
  • Fridays from 8-11:30am.

Please be sure to bring the following:

  • Your UCF Identification
  • Proof of enrollment for pre-requisites (if receiving pre-requisite error)
  • Section/Time of lecture and lab

We now offer a class limit waitlist option for the following physics courses: PHY 2048, PHY2049, PHY 2053, and PHY 2054. Therefore, we will no longer provide overrides for those courses.

Both lecture and lab sections must be available and open for enrollment.

No e-mails or phone calls will be accepted. 

If you are taking a pre-requisite in the summer or future semesters, bring proof of enrollment.

NOTE: Prerequisite credit approvals from out-of-state, international, and/or private schools will be done at the department.