Student Societies

Physics Graduate and Undergraduate Student Societies

Physics Women Society Officers

Graduate Society of Physics Students

The mission of the Graduate Society of Physics Students (GSPS) is to help UCF physics students achieve their goals in their studies. We represent the students’ interests in committees of the department and help orient and inform new graduate students about the department of physics. GSPS educates graduate students about the university, conferences, and journal policies as well as resources regarding funding, conferences, workshops, seminars, colloquia, and social events. We assist students with their preparations for the qualifying examinations and can help in finding a research adviser.

Society of Physics Students

The purpose of this Chapter shall be the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of the science of physics and the encouragement of student interest in physics throughout the academic and local communities.

Astronomy Society

The purpose of the University of Central Florida Astronomy Society is to create, enhance, and deliver, a definite vehicle that will help its members cultivate the love and respect for the mystery of the Cosmos. Through astronomy, the infinite journey of inquisitive reasoning becomes the source that give us the purpose for the UCF Astronomy Society.

Physics Women Society

The mission of the Physics Women Society (PWS) is to promote the interest of women in the physics department by providing a platform for networking, guidance, mentoring, and counseling. The organization hosts many events, including talks given by female professionals, mentoring for female undergraduates, and outreach to encourage a passion for science in young girls. While the focus of the organization is on women, the purpose is to improve the atmosphere and relations throughout the physics department now and for the future.


Central Florida Astronomical Society

The Central Florida Astronomical Society, Inc. (CFAS) currently operates in Orlando (at the Seminole Community College Planetarium). CFAS Activities include monthly meetings featuring guest speakers, monthly observing sessions at several sites across Central Florida, publication of a monthly newsletter (The Astrolog), and public observing sessions when events of significant interest occur. In addition, CFAS holds an annual cookout / star party (CFAS Astrofest) that is usually very well attended by amateurs throughout Florida. We believe that CFAS is one of the finest astronomical organizations in the country.