Research Team turns to Nanotechnology for Chemical Reaction Promoters

Noble metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium are among the most versatile and efficient industrial catalysts for a large number of reactions, ranging from the purification of poisonous pollutants emitted by vehicle engines to the generation of commodity chemicals or clean energy resource, which benefits the environment and our society. But there’s a limited supply of noble […]

College of Sciences Celebrates Summer 2020 Ph.D. Grads

A doctorate degree represents one of the highest honors in academia. The 2020 Summer term’s Ph.D. graduates not only earned this honor, they did so with the extra stress of doing their work remotely. The College of Science recognizes and applauds the hard work applied to receive this degree. Chemistry Ziyang Huang, Ph.D. Faculty Advisor: […]

UCF Planetary Scientist Receives NASA Funding for Asteroid Research

UCF planetary scientist Adrienne Dove and a team of students have teamed up with NASA’s Johnson Space Center to examine data on an asteroid experiment years in the making. The work is funded by a recently announced $200,000 grant from NASA’s Physical Sciences Research Program. Dove’s research group is one of only five recipients to […]

The Department of Energy Selects UCF Physicist for Career Award

The Department of Energy has awarded UCF physicist and assistant professor Li Fang a career grant of $785,000. The award is part of the DOE’s Office of Science’s Early Career Research Program, which recognizes researchers for their promising work, early on in their careers. This year, only 76 awards were made to scientists at private […]

National Asteroid Day: A Celebration of Mysterious Small Bodies

Imagine a celestial body larger than the Statue of Liberty skyrocketing past Earth with enough energy to flatten a city. Since 2011 this has only happened once, and it occurred earlier this month. Asteroids are small bodies, often made up of rock, that exist in the solar system. Where did they come from? Scientists speculate […]

UCF’s Butterfly-Inspired Nanotech Makes Natural-Looking Pictures on Digital Screens

Taking inspiration from nature’s nanotech that creates the stunning color of butterfly wings, a University of Central Florida researcher is creating technology to make extremely low-power, ultra-high-definition displays and screens that are easier on the eyes. The new technology creates digital displays that are lit by surrounding light and are more natural looking than current […]

Fulbright Fellowship Sends Grad Student to France for Space Research

Department of Physics graduate student Joshua Forer is headed to Bordeaux, France, to conduct research, courtesy of the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship. The fellowship will span ten months and allow Forer to work with research scientists at the University of Bordeaux. Forer’s research focuses on carbon-hydrogen molecules and their role in planetary atmospheres and interstellar mediums. […]

Weekly Astronomy Web Series Launched by Ph.D. Students

If you’ve ever been curious about the planetary sciences, the UCF-AVS Student Chapter is here to help. Beginning on Thursday May 14, a webinar series that spans until the end of June will bring the expertise of astronomers and astrochemical scientists to student’s computer screens. The series, spearheaded by doctoral students Brian Ferrari and Katie […]

Physics Faculty and Staff Find Freedom in Running During Quarantine

By NIKITTA CAMPBELL A group of runners from the Department of Physics are using exercise for a temporary escape during quarantine. The runners represent the scope of the department — from faculty to accounting — but they all agree exercise does wonders for both their physical and mental health. “Running has been my escape from […]

151 UCF Faculty Promoted Across All Disciplines

A great university is built by great faculty, and this year’s group of promoted and tenured faculty are the reason behind UCF’s academic excellence. Thirty-three were granted the title professor, a marker of an exceptional career in academia. A university’s excellence hinges on the strength of its faculty as scholars and as teachers. “This class […]

Six COS Students Recognized With 2020 Order of Pegasus

Six College of Sciences students were recently awarded the Order of the Pegasus, the highest student achievement at the University of Central Florida. Here are the 2020 winners. Samantha Berg “UCF’s remarkable faculty and programs developed me into the strong researcher and individual I am today. Upon entering The Burnett Honors College (BHC), I immediately […]

Magnet Research Hits Breakthrough

Researchers pushing the limits of magnets as a means to create faster electronics published their proof of concept findings Friday in the journal Science. The University of Central Florida is the lead university in the multidisciplinary university research initiative (MURI) project, which is funded by a $7.5 million grant from the Department of Defense. The […]

College of Sciences Celebrates Founder’s Day Awardees

  By ALLISON HURTADO ’12, SIMONE ROUSSEAU & ROBERT WELLS Three College of Sciences faculty were recognized Wednesday with the University of Central Florida’s highest awards. Physics Professor Joseph Harrington, Ph.D., was one of four new Pegasus Professors. Luca Argenti, Ph.D., and Jacquelyn “Jackie” Chini, Ph.D., were selected for the Reach for the Stars award, […]

UCF Lands $7.5 Million in Grants from Federal Agency

The University of Central Florida is the only university in Florida to be awarded federal 2020 Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grants – and it snagged three of them. The Department of Defense announced the recipients of the 26 awards. For UCF, that means more than $7.5 million over the next five years. Two professors will […]

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