Welcome to the Women in Physics Society (WiPS)!

What we stand for!

The Women in Physics Society (WiPS) formally known as the Physics Women’s Society¬†(PWS) was established at UCF in the year 2013. Our mission is to promote the interest of underrepresented minorities in the physics department by providing a platform for networking, guidance, mentoring, and counseling. The organization hosts many events, including talks given by diverse professionals, mentoring for undergraduates, and outreach to encourage a passion for science in young students. As the focus of the organization is on women and other minority groups, the purpose is to improve the atmosphere and relations throughout the physics department for all people, now and for the future.

Upcoming events, contact information, outreach opportunities, social justice related resources, and much more will be posted on this web page.

Link to Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics:


(Registration deadline: October 10th, 2022 at 5pm ET)