Board Members

These are the lovely people that make it all happen! They all work very hard behind the scenes and give up their time to give you the awesome experiences that that will become a part of your UCF journey!

Meet the Officers


Madisyn Brooks


Autumn Shackelford


Amanda Vazquez
Amanda Vazquez

Network Admin:

Maria Y. Galeana Lopez

Meet the Faculty

Official Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Elena Flitsiyan

Supporting Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Addie Dove

Physics Department Office Manager:
Nikitta Campbell

Honor our Previous Officers

Myrla Phillippe (Spring 2021, Fall 2020), Jenny Larson (Spring 2020) Madisyn Brooks (Spring 2021, Fall 2022)

Stephanie Jarmak (Spring 2020), Autumn Shackelford (Spring 2021, Fall 2022)

Juliana Baldassarre (Fall 2021), Katie McIntyre (Spring 2020, Summer 2020)

Riley Havel (Spring 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2020), Amanda Vazquez (Spring 2021, Fall 2022)

Network Admin:
Maria Y. Galeana Lopez (Spring 2021, Fall 2022)


Please direct all your questions and concerns the Women in Physics Society’s email:

We will respond as quickly as we can and we appreciate your patience with any delays.