Its important to us for everyone to the know about all the tools they have access to in order to have the best college experience possible! Everyone deserves to feel safe, welcomed, healthy and respected.

In the On Campus tab you will see a number of utilities offered to UCF students to help any person in a variety of different situations that could cause conflict with their education. A healthy and balanced life is required to make the best step forward in any educational path, and UCF is here to provide as much relief as possible to those in need.

College is expensive and a physics degree requires a lot of in-person involvement that could make it hard for people to be financially stable. Scholarships are way for people to fund their education without dedicating a lot of hours to a job, but sometimes finding them is the hardest part. In our Scholarships tab we try to help out by making scholarships more accessible!

Research is something that every physics major has to participate in at some point. However, it can be intimidating and confusing to get started. Our Research tab is designed to help people gain confidence to reach out to our faulty for research opportunities of their own by giving some insight into what is being done and how you can better qualify yourself!