Cavendish Experiment
To enhance the measurement of the Gravitational constant we the Society of Physics Students at UCF will implement a high linearity silicon-based position sensitive detector. Allowing for more accurate measurements across a larger range of displacements, verifying the position-dependence initially suggested by D. R. Long [Nature 260, 417 (1976)]. This experiment is being led by Brian Ferrari and is funded by National SPS.

Project leader Brian Ferrari and fellow undergraduate Zaccheus Scheffer discussing the Cavendish experiment

Raspberry Jam
This is a FREE event set-up with the help of SPS to help people of all experience levels through interactive workshops use the Raspberry Pi micro-controller. There will also be presentations after the workshops finish, presentations will be on projects using the Raspberry Pi. The Jam will take place October 15th 2018 from 10 am to 5 pm (Time may change depending on amount of project submissions).
Check out more on the website!

Python Intro Physics Solver
The Python Intro Physics Solver (PIPS) is designed to work as a basic model for introductory level physics problems. Uniting Newtonian physics and basic electricity and magnetism. The goal is to give a intuitive visual representation of what is happening in the problem provided. PIPS can also be used as a basic physics model to look at how objects interact under a set of conditions.
This project is still very new, which means there is a lot of opportunity to work with the team and learn various pythonic principles, computational physics techniques, and general software development concepts. If you would like to contribute check out the project page on GitHub. This project is being led by Alex Hopkins.
Link to Intro Physics Solver.

Lecture Series
Current President Kevin Fernando and Treasurer Spencer Tamagni have organized a series of lectures on selected topics. These topics include but are not limited to basic set theory and logic, matrix and linear algebra, introductory differential geometry and topology, an introduction to the least action principle, and a theoretical approach to classical mechanics with a focus on symmetries and their associated conservations. The purpose of these lectures is to increase exposure to higher level material for underclassmen, cover knowledge gaps in the curriculum, and to treat exotic topics with more detail.
The lectures are normally held weekly and hosted by either Kevin Fernando or Spencer Tamagni in the undergraduate physics room PSB 467. This upcoming Fall 2018 a new lecturer, Bejan Ghomashi, will join in order to help host a lecture series on electromagnetic theory and classical field theory. The schedule for future lectures will be posted on the SPS calendar.

Kevin’s Mechanics Lecture

Machine Shop Workshop
An event geared toward familiarizing physics students with safe operating procedures for the equipment in the UCF physics dept. Machine shop workshop, taught by Brian Ferrari who has 2+years experience in the machine shop.

Brian Ferrari guiding students in the Machine Shop