Past SPS Lecture Material:

Fourier Notes : An Updated Introduction to Fourier Analysis

FunQM : Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics and Morse theory

Thanks to Spencer Tamagni for creating these!

Graduate School Admission:

See some notes here on the process.

See here for information on how to ask questions about the graduate schools once you have been admitted and while applying.

Learning Resources:

The classic Feynman lectures on physics. A great cover of both introductory and more advanced topics.
Check out Harvard’s GRE Resources! A great way to study for the Physics GRE.
Check out Cornell’s GRE Prep and LaTEX Tutorial!
MIT Open Courseware lets you go through material of MIT’s introductory and advanced courses.
Here you can find some free online physics courses.
Here is City College of New York’s helpful links.

Mentoring Resources:

The National Mentoring Community (NMC) is an APS organization. If you are registered as a National SPS member you get an APS membership for free with that (Highly Suggest you do this). Then you can for free register for NMC and find a local physics mentor with an optional regimented structure.

CIMER – Training for being a mentee and mentor. Good for maximizing your relationships.

Organizational Resources:

Check out some of the work done by our SPS members at the SPS-UCF Github.
Learn more about SPS National.


For all people it is important to stay mentally healthy just as much as keeping physically healthy. Please go through this pdf here to go through common mental habits that can be unhealthy.

If you need help with your physics work, try going to the Physics Help Room in PSB 158. You can find out more about our LA programs as well as tutoring availability at the PhysTEC website.

The Physics Undergrad Room in PSB 467

Also, you can hang out with your other undergrads and occasionally get work done in the Undergraduate Study Room, PSB 467. Feel free to drop by, or request card access here (list Dr. Elena Flitsiyan as your supervisor).