Degrees and Minors

Undergraduate Degrees and Minors

The Department of Political Science seeks to (1) provide a broad background for careers in foreign and domestic public service and in the private sector where a knowledge of government and politics is necessary; (2) provide a broad background for and facilitate admission to law school through the prelaw emphasis; (3) prepare students for teaching. research, and graduate study in Political Science; (4) provide a broad background for careers in politics; and (5) educate citizens and promote their active interest in public affairs. Students should plan their major or minor in consultation with their departmental advisor according to their interests and career objectives.

Bachelor Degrees:

B.A International & Global Studies*

B.A. Political Science*

B.A. Political Science – Prelaw Track*



Global Peace & Security Studies

European Studies

Intelligence and National Security

International and Global Studies*

Political Science*


Terrorism Studies


Civics Teaching


Intelligence and National Security


*Signifies programs that can be completed fully online. For more information about our online majors and minors please refer here.