Dr. Drew Lanier is Associate Professor of Political Science in the School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs. He now serves as the graduate program director for the school. A former practicing attorney, he is an expert in American politics, researching courts, their decision-making, and how the selection of judges impacts their operation. His research has been cited in many top-tier political science journals and other outlets. His book, Of Time and Judicial Behavior, explores the decision-making of the U.S. Supreme Court across more than a century of its history.

Dr. Lanier joined the UCF faculty in 1997 and regards teaching as a craft that one continually improves.  He finds that teaching UCF’s students invigorating and challenging, as teaching is a way by which we shape the future for the community, state, nation and beyond.

He is currently at work on a book examining how the diversity of U.S. courts has changed over time, reflecting the dynamics of the nation.

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