Professor Merriam (J.D., University of Virginia; LL.M., George Washington University) is an associate professor with a joint appointment to the Political Science and Legal Studies Departments at UCF. His research and teaching interests focus on national security law and constitutional law.

Before arriving at UCF, Professor Merriam was an assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy, where he received the Outstanding Academy Educator Award for excellence in teaching.  Prior to entering academia, Professor Merriam practiced law as an active duty judge advocate in the United States Air Force and as an associate attorney at the international law firm K&L Gates LLP. He currently practices law part time as a judge advocate in the United States Air Force Reserve; he is currently assigned as a legal adviser to the International Military Committee, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), in Brussels, Belgium.

Research Areas

Professor Merriam has broad research interests in the fields of national security law and constitutional law, focusing especially on constitutional issues affecting military service, service members, and veterans.  He has published articles in the Penn State Dickinson Law Review, Mississippi Law Journal, National Security Law Journal, Indiana Health Law Review, Air Force Reporter, and elsewhere.  With Joshua Kastenberg, Professor Merriam recently coauthored the bookIn a Time of Total War: The Federal Judiciary and the National Defense, 1940-1954, regarding the United States Supreme Court’s military law jurisprudence during World War II and the early years of the Cold War (published by Ashgate Press in 2016).  In 2015, Dr. Merriam’s scholarship earned him Thomas P. Keenan, Jr. Award for the “most outstanding contribution to the development of international and military operations law” in the United States Air Force.

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