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Dr. Wright earned her Ph.D. (2010) in Developmental Psychology from Florida International University, her M.A. (2006) in Experimental Psychology and her B.S. (2003) in Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. Dr. Wright’s areas of interest center around media and technological influences on development and behavior (broadly defined). She is also interested in academic achievement and educational trajectories of immigrant and nontraditional students. Dr. Wright’s teaching interests include psychological research methodology as well as general, developmental, and social psychology.

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May, 2017: Dr. Wright receives UCF’s Teaching Incentives Program award (TIP).

April, 2017: Dr. Wright receives the College of Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award.

August, 2016: Dr. Wright receives a Presidential Citation from Division 46 (Society for Media Psychology & Technology) of the American Psychological Association for her work as Chair to the Entertainment Psychology Task Force’s Music & Media Committee.

September, 2013: Dr. Wright receives the Women of Distinction – Excellence in Mentoring Award from the Center for Success of Women Faculty at UCF.

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