What prerequisite courses are recommended for Transfer Students planning to major in Psychology?
  • BSC 1005 Biological Principles or BSC 2010C General Biology (if additional biology courses are planned)
  • PSY 2012 General Psychology
  • DEP 2004C Developmental Psychology
  • STA 2023 Statistical Methods I or STA 2014C Principles of Statistics
  • Can also take 2nd level or higher a college level Foreign Language as well as 2 science courses related to humans/living things




What career options do Psychology majors have if they are not planning on going to graduate school?
  • Check out our webpage on various careers you can pursue after psychology bachelors or graduate degrees.
  • Go to UCF Career Services as soon as you get to UCF
  • Go to Experiential Learning in your Junior year and find a co-op or internship



Graduate School

How can I maximize my chances of getting into graduate school?
  • Take a strong course curriculum focused toward the area of specialization in psychology you are interested in.
  • Earn the highest GPA possible, graduate school is very competitive
  • Earn the highest scores on the GRE that are possible for you \
  • Apply for extracurricular activities such as research assistant, internship, or an officer position in a student organization.
  • Earn and ask for strong letters of recommendation from professors who know you well and can legitimately evaluate your chances of success in graduate school.
  • Participate in local psychology student organizations such as:  Multicultural Psychological Student Association (MPSA), Psychological Society, or Psi Chi National Honor Society
  • Find a faculty member or professional in your field of choice who is able to mentor you in the process towards graduate school and that career.
How will I get funding for graduate school?
Will a minor help me to get into a graduate psychology program?
  • In some cases a minor can be helpful especially if it is strongly related to the area the student wants to specialize in.  However if the psychology graduate programs you are interested in are research based, it’s in your best interest to have a strong statistics background in order to be competitive with your peers.
How long will graduate school take?
  • Masters programs usually take 2-3 years, doctoral programs usually take 4-7 years
What is the difference between a Psy.D and a Ph. D.?
What is the difference between a Clinical Psychology program and Counseling Psychology program?
Is there an accreditation body for Counseling Graduate Programs?



Financial Aid

Financial Aid asked me to fill out a SAP or Graduation Assessment form, who do I ask for help from?