Dr. Grace White has been a valued member of the UCF regional campus faculty since 2011. She earned her Ph.D. in Personality and Social Psychology from The University of Iowa, with a secondary emphasis in psychometrics. During her time at U of I, she held joint research appointments with the Marriage and Family Development lab under Dr. Erika Lawrence and the HEARTs lab under Dr. Jerry Suls.


Dr. White formed the Personality and Relationship Development/Dynamics (PRDD) research group to focus on the exploration of romantic relationships and interpersonal dynamics using the Big Five theory of personality. The lab investigates factors that contribute to the initiation of interpersonal relationships, such as friendship and sexual attraction, as well as the behavioral dynamics that influence relationship maintenance and overall outcomes like satisfaction and dissolution. As a faculty mentor to numerous undergraduate students, Dr. White is enthusiastic about expanding PRDD research to include additional ideas and concepts that interest her student researchers.


Dr. White has been recognized as one of the recipients of the College of Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards. She has received Quality/High Quality Course [High Quality Blended Course Review – UCF] designations for many of the courses she teaches and is acknowledged as a Research-Intensive Instructor [Research-Intensive Course Designation – Undergraduate Research (] for her section of the Research Methods in Psychology course. For further information on Dr. White’s research, please visit the Personality and Relationship Development and Dynamics (PRDD) [HOME | prddresearchgroup]