Dr. Grace White joined the UCF regional campus faculty in 2011. Dr. White received her Ph.D. in Personality and Social Psychology at The University of Iowa. During this time she held joint research positions for the Marriage and Family Development lab under the direction of Dr. Erika Lawrence and the HEARTs lab which was supervised by Dr. Jerry Suls. Dr. White received her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology at Iowa. Prior to her graduate studies she was a research assistant in the Language and Category Development lab headed by Dr. Larissa Samuelson. Dr. White’s research lab, the Personality and Relationship Development/Dynamics research group uses a Big Five theory of personality approach to explore romantic relationship development and interpersonal relationship dynamics. These developmental components include factors leading to the initiation of a relationship, such as friendship and sexual attraction, as well as the behavioral dynamics, or components, of relationship maintenance which can influence overall relationship outcomes.  These outcomes are usually relationship satisfaction and/or dissolution. However, as a faculty mentor to many undergraduate students, Dr. White is passionate about extending research in PRDD to include additional ideas and concepts that interest student researchers. Overall, active research projects in PRDD continue to investigate the links between an individual’s personality and a variety of behaviors he or she may engage in within the context of interpersonal relationships. For more information on Dr. White’s research, please see: Personality and Relationship Development and Dynamics (PRDD)