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Dr. Rapport joined the faculty at UCF in 2000 as professor and director of the Ph.D. clinical training program. Dr. Rapport graduated from Florida State University, served his clinical internship at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic), and accepted his first faculty position at the University of Rhode Island. He subsequently served as a professor and clinical/ program director of the Child Psychiatry Inpatient Services in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stony Brook University Hospital until relocating to the University of Hawaii in 1990. Dr. Rapport served as professor and chair of graduate studies at the University of Hawaii for 10 years, where he directed the Children’s Learning Clinic.

He currently serves on five journal editorial boards and was recently a member of the APA task force for upgrading the science and technology of assessment and diagnosis in children. Dr. Rapport’s research interests focus on children and the field of developmental psychopathology. He is particularly interested in children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), developing conceptual models related to long-term outcome (e.g., scholastic success), and understanding the primary deficits associated with ADHD. His current research involves studying the relationships between children’s overt behavior (gross motor activity) and cognitive function (e.g., vigilance and memory) in an effort to understand primary deficit areas associated with ADHD. Dr. Rapport is particularly interested in working with students who have a keen desire to learn, are highly motivated, tenacious, wish to specialize in clinical child psychology, possess the ability to excel in quantitative research, and seek academic careers as professionals.


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