Recent Publications

Sherod, M. (2022) Navigating relationships while living with acoustic neuroma/vestibular schwannoma: How to Minimize Emotional Looting. Notes (Acoustic Neuroma Association), 164, 6-7. 

Sherod, M. (2021). Acoustic Neuroma: Understanding Emotional, Cognitive, and Behavioral Changes. Acoustic Neuroma Association.

Scott, R.* & Sherod, M.G. (2019). A clinical case demonstrating the effectiveness of an individualized multimodal intervention for chronic pain and cognitive sequelae secondary to traumatic brain injury. Clinical Case Studies, 18, 344-360.

Horn, E., Boyd, B., & Sherod, M. (2019). (Re)discovering story and voice: The adaptive community theatre project. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 8, 41-65. 

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