The Aquatic Biogeochemistry Lab is a state-of-the-art facility located on the 4th floor of the Biological Sciences Building on UCF’s main campus in east Orlando.  We are well equipped to conduct chemical, physical, and basic microbial analyses of environmental samples, with a focus on soil, sediment, water, and plant tissue analysis.

Analytical Services

In addition to conducting original research, we also offer analytical services to outside entities on a price/sample basis. Services include:
Soil/sediment/plant tissue analysis: bulk density, % moisture, loss-on-ignition (% organic matter), drying, sieving and milling, total phosphorus content (TP ashing), and total carbon and nitrogen contact (CN- elemental combustion).
Water analysis (fresh or saline): nutrients (NOx-N, NH4+-N, Ortho-P), total organic carbon/dissolved organic carbon, salinity, pH, conductivity.
All analyses are done in accordance to US EPA procedures and include QA/QC checks.  Contact Dr. Chambers for more information.

We also have access Biology Field Research Building on campus, an 4,500+ sq. ft. space equipped with two 1,000 sq. ft greenhouses and experimental ponds and  where we can process samples, store field equipment, and set-up larger-scale experiments.