New PhD Student


Davide Dal Pos


M.S in Natural Sciences at University of
Padua (Italy)

B.S in ‘Sciences and Technologies in Nature’ at University of Pavia (Italy) with a concentration in Evolutionary processes

My fascination for parasitic wasps of the superfamily Ichneumunoidea started during my master’s program at the Univesity of Padua (Italy), where my thesis focused on the subfamilies of Ichneumonidae as potential bioindicators. Although the topic of my research falls under ecology, my main interest has always been systematics and evolution of these outstanding creatures. This led me to collaborate with the Natural History Museum of Venice as an assistant curator for several years, where I was in charge of the Hymenoptera section, and give me the chance to work on the Ichneumonidae collection at the Zoological Museum of Copenhagen during a visit as a visiting student. I pretty excited to start my PhD project at the UCF stimulating environment, hoping to find my way through the big and changeling world of systematics of parasitoid wasps.