SouthEastern Branch Meeting



Presenter Title
Monday, March 05
10:35 AM – 10:47 AM
Magnolia B
Jacque Meyer 
Undergrad Tech
1:  What’s eating those flea beetles? A molecular approach to biocontrol
Monday, March 05
02:29 PM – 02:41 PM
Magnolia B
Miles Zhang
PhD Candidate
 90: Multilocus phylogeny of the parasitic wasps in the tribe Euphorini (Braconidae: Euphorinae) with revised generic classifications
Jacque Meyer talking about the life cycle of flea beetles.
Kudos to Miles Zhang for winning 2nd place in the Phd Student presentation at the ESA’s Southeastern Branch Meeting. Miles resolved the existing taxonomic confusion for parasitic wasps in the tribe Euphoriniusing using multilocus phylogenetics.