Grant Gives Student Funds to Study Dropout Rates of Indigenous Collegiate Students

A UCF Anthropology graduate student recently received a $2000 Lambda Alpha grant to support her research on indigenous collegiate students in Yucatan, Mexico.

“This is the first grant funding I’ve received that is external to UCF, and it’s been a real confidence booster for me,” said Rachael Root.

Root’s research focuses on the dropout rates of indigenous college students in Yucatan, Mexico and the lack of data linked to this particular demographic.

“There is definitely a lack of information that currently exists in this particular demographic,” said Root. “Not only do we want to look at the populations of students that attended college and drop out that are indigenous to Yucatan, but also analyzing the way in which their culture has become a part of a commodified tourist industry.”

The grant was awarded to Root in September by Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society. Due to COVID-19, there have been issues that Root has addressed with poise.

“Currently we are looking at more digital and participant-oriented methods of research because we can’t be out in the field right now,” said Root. “We are working towards modifying the research in light of COVID and doing so in an ethical fashion.”

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