Ancient Peruvian bones found in Florida

Dr. John Schultz, a University of Central Florida anthropology professor, is assisting Orange County medical examiner Jan Garavaglia find out why and how ancient Peruvian bones ended up in Florida. Garavaglia and Schultz examined the skulls a day after they were discovered and knew almost immediately they were not dealing with forensic remains, but something much older.

“The bones, it turned out, had a lengthier history than the 30 years or so since they were buried in Florida. When x-rayed by the medical examiner’s office, it was clear that the bones were hundreds of years old, and that the human tissue on the cheek of the skull had been mummified. The skulls featured an “Inca bone,” a telltale sign of a human from the Incan culture of Peru,” Garavaglia told ABC news.

Garavaglia, better known as “Dr. G” from her TV series on the Discovery Health Channel, and Schultz are receiving a lot of media attention regarding the case. They are hoping more research into the bones will reveal how the bones made it to Florida.

Read the story about the research team from the International Business Times here, the Huffington Post’s piece here and the story from FOX News Latino here.

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