Arboretum Goes Pokémon

PokeMon Go 2If you’ve walked around UCF campus recently you probably have noticed students glued to their phones playing the popular game, Pokémon GO. The UCF campus is full of ‘trainers’ catching Pokémon and visiting ‘Poke Stops’ spread throughout campus. One Poke Stop in particular hopes to lure UCF students in for a special event.

The UCF Arboretum is home to a ‘Poke Stop’ in the game and plans to host an event based off the popular theme. The arboretum will be playing ‘Pokémon: The First Movie’ for its seasonal ‘Movie in the Park’ event on Thursday, August 4 from 8-10 p.m.

UCF students, alumni and friends, Pokémon players or not, are invited to watch the movie in the arboretum park. Arboretum staff will be dropping lure modules for Pokémon Go players that want to catch Pokémon while they watch. Staff also plan on distributing flyers with information on upcoming events and programs at the UCF Arboretum.

“We’re excited to provide the opportunity for guests to enjoy a beloved childhood movie with friends and fellow trainers, and also learn about the many outreach opportunities that are available at the Arboretum,” explained Jacques Werleigh, program assistant at the UCF Arboretum.

Guests are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets to sit in the arboretum park for the movie event. For more information and to RSVP click here. For directions to the UCF Arboretum click here.

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