Article by Dr. Chandler selected for special recognition

An article Dr. Robert Chandler co-authored with Dr. Denise Ferguson and Dr. J.D. Wallace which is to be published in Public Relations Journal (6, (1) Winter 2012) has been subsequently selected for additional recognition at the PRSA International Conference, October 14-16, 2012 in San Francisco as part of only five articles recognized in a session titled “The Best of PRSA’s Public Relations Journal of 2011-2012.”

Here is the citation for the article that has been invited to be included as one of only five articles on the “Best of PRSA’s Public Relations Journal of 2011 -2012:

Ferguson, D., J.D. Wallace and R. C. Chandler (2012). Rehabilitating Your Organization’s Image: Public Relations Professionals’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness and Ethicality of Image Repair Strategies in Crisis Situations, Public Relations Journal, 6, (1) Winter 2012.

Dr. Chandler is the NSC Director. Dr. Robert Chandler’s new book, Emergency Notification, investigates dimensions of communication during emergencies and crises, offers must‐know information for business security, senior management, human resources staff, government policymakers, and emergency planners, examining what, when, how, why, and with whom to communicate during crises. Effective emergency notification allows the right message to reach the right people at the right time—facilitating the right response.

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