Chemistry PhD Program Marks its 10th Anniversary


Chemistry PhD Program Marks its 10th Anniversary (2003-2013)

 2013 is a very special year indeed.  A cherished dream shared by many in the Chemistry Department and university, the PhD program in Chemistry was approved in July 2003 and admitted its first students in August 2003.  The program and department have come a long way since the commencement of this innovative, multidisciplinary program.  In many ways the program’s design was visionary.  It is widely recognized that interdisciplinary research and education are critical to addressing the most pressing scientific, technical, and societal challenges.  The program, with a firm grounding in chemistry, was nontraditional from the outset, forgoing the traditional rigid disciplinary structure for cross cutting areas of concentration, initially in Materials Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Forensic Science, and later expanding into Biochemistry.  These areas transcend the traditional disciplinary boundaries of most chemistry PhD programs, providing the critical education and research skills necessary for our graduates to not only to contribute to, but be leaders in developing, a highly skilled and diverse technical workforce for Florida and the nation.  UCF’s PhD program in Chemistry serves as a model for doctoral education in the chemical sciences, and a number of chemistry departments across the country have recognized the relevance of our program, benchmarking their own department and program aspirations to the UCF Chemistry Department and Chemistry PhD program.


In the first 10 years of our Chemistry PhD program, 61 students received the doctorate degree.  Names of the graduates in the program’s first 10 years, along with their dissertation research advisor and semester of graduation are list in the table below.  Graduates have gone on to many distinguished positions, including postdoctoral research positions at prestigious institutions, direct employment at colleges and universities, and positions in a variety of industries across the country.  We want to extend special recognition to the graduates of the first decade of our program for their determination and commitment to help make this a truly remarkable program and educational experience.


To quote one of our recent graduates, Doug Tomlin – class of 2012, “The PhD in Chemistry from UCF enabled me to ensure a career change from environmental engineering to chemistry, where I now enjoy participating in state-of-the-art research projects at NASA. Additionally, I have already begun initiating research proposals for funding to explore new technologies so that I can lead projects of my own towards discoveries that will improve life here on Earth.”


Name Advisor Semester of Graduation
Ahn, Hyo-yang Dr. Belfield Summer 2011
Albo, Rebecca Dr. Yestrebsky Summer 2010
Anderson, Jordan Dr. Zhai Summer 2012
Andrade, Carolina Dr. Belfield Fall 2010
Andrasik, Stephen Dr. Belfield Fall 2007
Appalaneni, Krishnaveni Dr. Campiglia Summer 2013
Asati, Atul Dr. Perez Fall 2009
Berhanu, Workalemahu Dr. Masunov Fall 2011
Biswas, Sanchita Dr. Belfield Spring 2010
Bonner, Maxwell Dr. Gesquiere Fall 2011
Bridge, Candice Dr. Sigman Fall 2007
Calimag, Korina Dr. Campiglia Summer 2013
Chunder, Anindarupa Dr. Zhai Summer 2010
Corredor, Claudia Dr. Belfield Spring 2007
Coutts, Janelle Dr. Yestrebsky Spring 2013
Dai, Qiu Dr. Huo Fall 2008
Devor, Robert Dr. Yestrebsky Spring 2008
Elie, Marc Dr. Yestrebsky Fall 2012
Frisch-Daiello, Jessica Dr. Sigman Summer 2012
Gangopadhyay, Shruba Dr. Masunov Spring 2011
Gevorkyan, Jirair Dr. Igarashi Spring 2013
Goel, Satyender Dr. Masunov Summer 2010
Hu, Zhongjian Dr. Gesquiere Summer 2011
Johns, Valentine Dr. Liao Fall 2012
Knobel, Gaston Dr. Campiglia Spring 2013
Legron-Rodriguez, Tamra Dr. Yestrebsky Summer 2013
Liu, Xiong Dr. Huo Fall 2009
Loftin, Kathleen Dr. Clausen Summer 2009
Luchita, Gheorghe Dr. Belfield Summer 2011
Maloney, Philip Dr. Yestrebsky Spring 2013
Marrone, April Dr. Ballantyne Spring 2009
Maxwell, Deborah Dr. Igarashi Summer 2012
Muth, Aaron Dr. Phanstiel Spring 2012
Nguyen, Dao Dr. Belfield Fall 2009
Novaes-Card, Simone Dr. Yestrebsky Summer 2013
Oropeza, Cristina Dr. Clausen Fall 2011
Oztek, Muzaffer Dr. Hampton Spring 2011
Patel, Jigna Dr. Yestrebsky Summer 2013
Patel, Pansy Dr. Masunov Spring 2010
Pearman, Benjamin Dr. Hampton Fall 2012
Qaddoura, Maher Dr. Belfield Spring 2011
Restrepo, David Dr. Blair Spring 2013
Rex, Matthew Dr. Campiglia Summer 2009
Rhoden, Stephen Dr. Diaz Fall 2010
Rinke, Caitlin Dr. Sigman Summer 2012
Saitta, Erin Dr. Yestrebsky Fall 2010
Santiesteban, Oscar Dr. Perez Fall 2012
Santos, Marina Dr. Campiglia Fall 2006
Sarkar, Sourangsu Dr. Zhai Fall 2010
Shi, Zheng Dr. Liao Spring 2013
Tenery, Daeri Dr. Gesquiere Summer 2009
Tomlin, Douglas Dr. Clausen Fall 2012
Toro, Carlos Dr. Hernandez Summer 2010
Tran, Binh Dr. Zhai Spring 2013
Waddell, Erin Dr. Sigman Summer 2013
Wang, Xuhua Dr. Belfield Spring 2011
Wang, Haining Dr. Zou Spring 2013
Wang, Huiyong Dr. Campiglia Summer 2010
Wilson, Kerry Dr. Hickman Spring 2009
Yanez, Ciceron Dr. Belfield Fall 2009
Yu, Shenjiang Dr. Campiglia Fall 2006


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