Chris Cook wins Academic Advising Award

Chris Cook, a coordinator of academic advising within COSAS undergraduate services, was awarded the Judy Boyte Innovative Academic Advising Award from the Awards Subcommittee of the Academic Advising Council. This award recognizes, appreciates, and celebrates outstanding innovation in academic advising at UCF. Mr. Cook will receive this award at the December Advisor Enhancement Program.

The UCF AAC sponsors the Judy Boyte Innovative Academic Advising Award, established in 2009. This award is named in honor of Judy Boyte, the first professional academic advisor at UCF, who established the first academic advising office, established advising policies, and developed academic standards for the position of academic advisor that grew to the recognition and professional status academic advisors now have at UCF. Through her innovation in academic advising, the university recognized the need to provide dedicated professionals to serve student advising needs.


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