Dr. Peter Delfyett elected Fellow of American Physical Society

Peter Delfyett labDr. Peter Delfyett has been elected Fellow of American Physical Society (APS) “for pioneering contributions to the understanding of the physics and implementation of ultrafast diode lasers.”

Delfyett is the Trustee Chair and professor of Optics in the College of Optics and Photonics/CREOL at the University of Central Florida. He also holds appointments in the electrical engineering and physics departments at UCF. His research group is primarily working on high-powered, ultra-short pulsed, multiwavelength mode-locked semiconductor lasers.

Earlier this year his group demonstrated line-by-line pulse shaping of optical comb lines with updates to the pulse shape on the time scale of the pulse period. Delfyett is the current president of the National Society of Black Physicists. Most recently, he was awarded the APS Edward Bouchet Award for his significant scientific contributions in the area of ultrafast optical device physics and semiconductor diode based ultrafast lasers, and for his exemplary and continuing efforts in the career development of underrepresented minorities in science and engineering.


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