COS Faculty and Students Recognized for Outstanding Achievements at Founders’ Day Convocation

The dedication and high quality of instruction provided daily by College of Sciences (COS) faculty was recognized recently at the 2019 Founders’ Day Convocation. COS students were also praised for their outstanding academic work.

Multiple faculty received awards for their contributions to teaching and research at UCF. They are:

College Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

  • Michael Callaghan
  • Jonathan Matusitz
  • Elena Flitsiyan
  • Drew Lanier
  • Alisha Janowsky

College Awards for Excellence in Graduate Teaching

  • Sarah Barber

College Awards for Excellence in Research

  • Candice Bridge

University Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Faculty Academic Advising

  • Sarah Barber

University Award for Excellence in Professional Service

  • Shannon Carter

University Award for Excellence in Mentoring Doctoral Students

  • Joshua Colwell

20-Year Service Awards

  • Lori Dunlop-Pyle
  • Tosha Dupras
  • Vance Geiger
  • Shari Hodgson
  • Jana Jasinski
  • Jonathan Knuckey
  • Rani Vajravelu
  • Karisa Workman
  • Yue Zhao
  • Leonid Chernyak

30-Year Service Awards

  • Terri Fine
  • Xin Li

50-Year Service Awards

  • James Brophy-Ellison
  • Frank Kujawa

Retired and Retiring Faculty

  • John Lynxwiler
  • David Gay
  • James Katt
  • Charles Hinkle

Emeritus and Emerita Awards

  • Charles (Ross) Hinkle
  • John Cannon

Student Awards

Founders’ Award

  • Adam Searles

Honors in the Major 

  • Sarah Davenport
  • Bejan Ghomashi

Outstanding Master’s Thesis

  • Deven Gray


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