From Documentaries to Live Shows, Wood Masters the Story

Since graduating from UCF, Lincoln Wood has more than proved himself in the TV production industry. At first unsure of how the path he chose would turn out, Wood graduated from UCF with a bachelor’s degree in radio and TV production in 2015 and has made the absolute most of it.

Wood now works as a live video technician for Hard Rock Live and as a video technician for Complete Production Resources. Wood also takes on freelance projects.

“It’s a more personal experience with the client. I like getting to know firsthand what their vision is and how I can help them bring that vision to life,” said Wood. “I like to look at each new project as an adventure. I truly enjoy what I do. It is an exciting career.”

Wood played a big role in IGNITE, UCF’s campaign to raise $500 million in mission-critical philanthropic support where he helped to convert CFE Arena into projection screens. Watch video of the amazing event here.

While a student, Wood worked hard in class, volunteered and connected with his fellow Knights. He even produced a special documentary for Limbitless Solutions, a nonprofit organization founded and operated by UCF students that designs and builds 3-D printed robotic arms for children in need around the world.

“I was moved by their mission to help kids celebrate their uniqueness and provide them with prosthetics that match their personalities,” Wood said. “I am proud see other Knights have such a positive impact in our community and I was grateful to shine a spotlight on Limbitless Solutions.” See the documentary here.

Stephanie Rice, NSC radio-television program coordinator, was one of Wood’s professors and is proud of him.

“As my student, he was motivated and hardworking,” Rice said. “He has taken the knowledge he acquired here and absolutely run with it. He is doing amazing things and building on that knowledge.”

Wood is happy be a UCF alumnus. “The techniques that I learned in my classes and the hands on personal development that I received from the professors helped to provide me with the skills I needed not only to perform my job, but also to interact with the professionals in my field.”

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