Event: Environmental progress at UCF

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Sociology Professor Penelope Canan and Anthropology Professor Matthew McIntyre will be speaking at the Environmental Progress event hosted by the UCF Unifying Theme Team.

The Unifying Theme was created to focus discussion and reflection across the General Education Program, but has now broadened its horizons to include the entire Undergraduate Studies program.

Regardless of major or academic subject, the Unifying Theme is applicable among all possible topics. Thus, the Unifying Theme encourages UCF undergraduate students at all academic stages to engage in an interdisciplinary, academic discourse about the Environment and Global Climate Change, potential solutions, and opportunities for direct student action.

UCF students have chosen the Environment and Global Climate Change as more than an academic topic–it’s a cause to which they are deeply committed.

Canan will be speaking about Sociology and the Environment and McIntyre will be speaking about Medical Anthropology and the Environment.

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