Event: Plant trees at UCF

The UCF Arboretum is supporting and partnering with the College Democrats and the Honors Congress to plant 100 trees on campus March 14th. This planting is not open to the public, as the students in the College Dems and the Honors College will be providing all the labor. We graciously welcome media and donations in the form of food or beverages for our students. The Dems are running a campaign to plant some 3,500 across Central Florida in the name of the Senator.

If you have any questions, please contact Tina Richards via this website.

An Alumna of UCF, Tina Richards fostered an interest in nature early in life. She became acquainted with The UCF Arboretum as an undergraduate student through self-guided tours and assisting to organize Arboretum events. After graduating with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies she returned to Florida to begin a “crash course on the Everglades” with the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation. This internship allowed her to intensively study Florida biology and develop her love for environmental education.




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