Journalism student launches internship site

UCF journalism student Lauren Holliday has launched an internship web site, Freelanship. Holliday found herself in a troublesome predicament: she needed major-related work experience, but her parents said, “No more internships.”

Managing four classes, an internship and freelance work was a daunting task in itself. Holliday knew it would be impossible to throw a part-time job into her already chaotic schedule; and so, she decided to create Freelanship, ” your internship alternative.”

Now, students can search an array of contract-based internships. Not only are Freelanships cheaper than the cost of a three-credit internship course, but are also more readily attainable.

Internships are a vital part of the college experience but without a parent’s support and/or a substantial savings account, the experience may be unfeasible. Often editors do not have a budget for freelancers and can’t hire students without pay unless they are completing an internship. For college students, though, this scenario leaves you working for free while also paying the university to do so.

Now, both students and publications win through the mutually beneficial partnership known as Freelanship.

“Our goal is to find students major-related experiences that are inexpensive and more readily attainable while simultaneously saving publications money during a rough economic climate.”

You can check out the site by clicking here.

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