Fall ’18 Ph.D. Graduates Honored At Reception


Seventeen students graduating with their doctorate degrees were honored at a reception Thursday. Dean Michael Johnson, Ph.D., along with the students’ faculty advisors and family celebrated the graduation with individual recognition and a champagne toast. Click here to view the full gallery of photos.

The students are:


Daniel Bonior, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Eduardo Mucciolo, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Mathematical Foundations of Adaptive Quantum Processing.”

Zahra Hooshmand, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Talat S Rahman, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Tuning chemical and optical properties of nanomaterials: From extended surfaces to finite nanoclusters.” 

Clinical Psychology

Ellen Kolomeyer, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Kimberly Renk, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “The State of Trauma-Informed Care in the Preschool.”

Mona Shah, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Daniel Paulson, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “The Efficacy of a 6-week Evidenced-based Support Group for Caregivers of Dementia in a Primary Care Setting.”


Nicole Lapeyrouse, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Andres Campiglia, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Remediation of Chlorinated Alkanes by Zero Valent Iron with Vitamin B12 and Utilization of a Modified Gradual Release of Responsibility Model in a Large Enrollment Chemistry Course.”

Muqiong Liu, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Shengli Zou, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Catalyst Design and Mechanism Study with Computational Method for Small Molecule Activation.”

Amal Mogharbel, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Cherie Yestrebsky, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Magnesium-Based Treatment for the Degradation of Octachlorodibenzofuran and Trinitrotoluene.”

Roaa Mogharbel, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Cherie Yestrebsky, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Oxidation of 3,5,6, Trichloro-2-Pyridinol by Zero Valent Iron and Heat Activated Persulfate.” 

Rashi Sharma, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Stephen M. Kuebler, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Improved system for fabrication and characterization of nanophotonic devices by multi-photon lithography.”

Tianyu Zheng, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Qun Treen Huo, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Light scattering property of gold nanoparticles with applications to biomolecule detection and analysis.”

Security Studies

Rebecca Schiel, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Jonathan Powell, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “The Conditionality of Vulnerability: Three Analyses of Risk and Opportunity in Civil Military Relations.”

Gary Smith, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Mark Schafer, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Leader Psychology and Civil War Behavior.”

Human Factors & Cognitive Psychology

Bradford Schroeder, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Valerie Sims, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Eye Movements and Spatial Ability: Influences on Thinking During Analogical Problem Solving.”

Audrey Zlatkin, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Corey Bohil, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Subjective Measures of Implicit Categorization Learning.”


Christine Ittai, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Shannon K. Carter, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Left Out? The Intersection of Race and Class in Women’s Maternity Leave

Modeling & Simulation

John Killilea, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Glenn Martin, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Investigating the effectiveness of using part-task or whole-task training methods to facilitate mindful abstraction in uncertain tasks.” 

Conservational Biology

Philip Schroeder, Ph.D., faculty advisor, David Jenkins, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “An examination of beta diversity indices and their predictors in two large-scale systems.”



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