Fall ’21 Ph.D. Grads Given Warm Sendoff In Return of Longstanding COS Tradition

Eight doctorate graduates were given a warm congratulations and sendoff Thursday in a continuation of a longstanding College of Sciences’ tradition. The final toast was led by new COS Dean Maggy Tomova.  Click here to see the full gallery of photos. Below is the full list of Ph.D. graduates for Fall 2021.

Security Studies

Tutku Ayhan Ergin, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Gunes Murat Tezcur, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Trauma, Resilience, and Empowerment: Post-Genocide Experiences of Yezidi Women

Miroslav Shapovalov, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Dolan, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Between Fighting and Serving: How Existential Motivations Shaped Conflict Participation in Donbass War in Ukraine


Brooke Baumgarten, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Candice Bridge, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Analysis of Sexual Lubricants as a Form of Trace Evidence for Sexual Assault Cases 

Kandyss Najjar, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Candice Bridge, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Identification and Detection of Cosmetics Transferred during Close Personal Attacks

Stephen Smith, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Swadeshmukul Santra, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Multi-functional Surface, Sub-surface, and Systemic Therapeutic Alternatives to Copper for Crop Protection


Constance Doty, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Jacquelyn Chini
Dissertation: Optimizing Mixed-Reality Simulator to Support STEM Graduate Teaching Assistants in Developing Student-Centered Pedagogical Skills

Human Factors & Cognitive Psychology

Kylie Fernandez, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Nichole Lighthall
Dissertation: Dissociable Temporal and Performance Effects of Two Stress Pathways on Economic Decision Making


Firoza Kabir, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Madhab Neupane, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Interplay between topology and magnetism in f-electron system

Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Juseob Lee, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Steve Jex, Ph.D.
Dissertation: An Investigation of the Effects of Shared Recovery Activities and Companionship Experiences during Weekends on Employee Well-being

Alyssa Perez, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Steve Jex, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Creativity as a Resource: How Creativity Influences the Appraisal of Work Stressors and Subsequent Strain

Modeling & Simulation

Paul Oppold, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Peter Hancock, Ph.D.
Dissertation: Communities of Play and Practice: Collaborating with Audiences and Coworkers in performative online spaces














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